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We are proud to announce that we are now licensed to prescribe and implant Probuphine, a subdermal (under the skin) implant that delivers a constant low dose of buprenorphine over a six-month time span. This is the first such tool in the treatment of opioid use disorder. The implant is approved for individuals with opioid dependence who have already been treated with, and are medically stable on, existing orally absorbed buprenorphine formulations. It gives us a valuable new therapeutic tool for this subset of patients.

Buprenorphine, which in numerous studies has been shown to significantly improve outcomes for patients, has previously only been available in products that must be taken daily. The Probuphine implant, created by marrying buprenorphine to a polymer, delivers the drug steadily in the body at a low dose, eliminating the need for daily dosing. The implant promises to treat opioid addiction without the hassle of a daily pill. The implant relies on four tiny rods implanted under the skin to dispense the drug buprenorphine for six months at a time.

Please call us to discuss if Probuphine is an appropriate treatment option for you.